Monday, February 18, 2013


Weeks ago I wrote a post about recent mindful parenting thoughts. It's just sitting on my Posts page, ready for me to hit Publish. But it just hasn't felt right to post it. Talking about really seeing our kids for who they are and living in the present with them seems inauthentic. The truth is, I haven't been practicing mindful parenting--or really, mindful being--much these days. I'm checking out more and more, and I look forward to my end-of-the-day alone time much more than I have in the past. (Is it 7 pm yet??!)

I've been feeling like I'm not on my family's team. I'm short with Erik, and Soren is downright bugging me, if I'm to be honest. (Must I pin you down to brush your teeth EVERY TIME?) Being in the house gives me an itchy, restless feeling. My knitting is collecting dust. I'm claustrophobic.

Why do I find myself here? Is it the Seattle February blahs setting in? Am I just bored with the routine of my days, sans job other than the pretty demanding one of parenting a special needs kid? Do I need more intellectual stimulation? Or is this just the rhythm of life--sometimes we are truly relishing each moment and sometimes we just can't wait for a different batch of moments?

What about you? What happens when you're in a slump? Do you punch your way out of it with activities and distractions--girls' nights out and Law & Order marathons and hours on Pinterest? Or do you just hunker down and let it run its course? Or perhaps you don't even realize you're in a slump until it's over.

I have hope that I will eventually publish that mindful parenting post and really mean it. In the meantime, I'm going to play another game of Sukodu.


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