Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I don't know why I didn't think of taking Soren to the high school track before. It's the perfect location for our little sprinting boy: fenced, huge open space, few other people. La Conner High School, near our little cabin, has the added benefit of an adjacent elementary school with play equipment. (And you can't beat this view.) Soren loves us to chase him, and he'll frequently peek behind him to make sure you're still playing the game. It's a great interaction.

I spend a lot of time chasing Soren around parking lots and stores and sidewalks, worrying about his safety and trying to juggle doing everything with one hand while I try to corral him with the other. And there have been a few scary times that Soren has "escaped" and just ran (away) like it's something he needed viscerally. I'm trying to remember to just harness that energy in a safe place rather than trying to extinguish that sprinting behavior. We'll be seeing that high school track more in our future.

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