Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful: August

  • The wonderful week spent at our La Conner cabin with my parents, such wonderful grandparents. Great food thanks to my mom, sleeping in, playing in the ocean, chores completed thanks to my dad, general silliness and fun times. So relaxing that I forgot what day it was. Grateful that we all get along like old college chums. And a fun-filled day (escaping Seattle heat) with my sister and her twin babies and toddler. So much little boy love! 

  • A cabin day with my dear special-needs mom friends (no kids!), filled with talking and listening like no one else can. And wine. And wine. And promises of doing this quarterly.

  • The summer that finally came to Seattle (okay, for two weeks). Warm enough to dry our clothes outside.
  • Blackberries. That is all.
  • Erik's purchase of a kayak. Finally, we can go together (and I can get over my irrational fear of orca whales swimming under my solo kayak and eating me).
  • An upcoming blogging course, Blogging from the Heart. Really feels like back-to-school!
I'm hoping your August was filled with little blessings, too. What are you thankful for this month?

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