Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh start

Happy new year! It's been a quiet celebration over here, as the whole house has had strep for days. I forget how the malaise and boredom of illness can make time stand still. I lost track of whole days. Of course, I was in bed, groaning, while Erik and Soren were troupers and even went swimming together in the middle of it (before we knew they had it, of course).

I've just started to think of my Word of the Year for 2013. I like the idea of using a word, not resolutions, to guide my year. Resolutions sound like too much work, like someone is forcing a project on me and grading me on my effort. The right word, however, seems creative and open-ended, which is more my style. So I chose MINDFUL as my word. I like how it can apply to so much: attentive parenting, conscious eating and exercising, really listening to a spouse, limiting Internet time, even enjoying my Americano a bit more. I've found myself zoning out this year, sometimes when things are hard, sometimes when they're mundane, and often just as habit. I want to be more aware of what I do, say, and experience. I'm still playing with just how I'll incorporate my word into my daily life. Is it a mantra I say to myself? Do I print it out to hang on my mirror? Do I get a word tattoo? (just kidding, Mom).

What about you? Do resolutions work? How specific do you get? Are words or phrases more your thing? Or does this practice sound entirely too forced for you? I'd love to know what you'll do this year.

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  1. Another fun coincidence! Your blog post of nearly a year ago was part of the inspiration for my word for this year: TRANSPARENT



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