Monday, July 1, 2013

Music therapy camp and Seattle Center

Last week Soren went to a five-day music therapy camp at the EMP museum here in Seattle. What a lucky duck to be able to have such wonderful guidance with music (with our beloved Lindsay as his 1:1 aide/intern) in that fabulous space. I spent the first day shadowing Soren because he was anxious, and it was great to see how music fostered his focus and awareness and encouraged him to participate with group activities. He perked right up when a song had his name in it, and he really got into banging on drums at certain points in songs (and he hasn't been interested in drums before). And you should have seen him stare intently at the music therapist playing a guitar (natural eye contact!) and later actually initiate strumming the guitar himself.

Because the camp was only two hours each day, I didn't have time to go home or do errands while I waited for Soren, so I stayed around Seattle Center the whole time. It was a treat to have coffee in the Armory and explore the grounds before all the tourists woke up. Friday my parents joined me on a quick tour of the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum on what turned out to be a perfect Seattle summer day.

I couldn't resist this little sign.

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