Friday, August 2, 2013

For when you need a blankie

Soren doesn't use a blankie or lovey. Never did. And I wish he did. Man, I'd love to be able to fix his hurts with such a simple object. And one that goes in the washer.

Right now, plenty of people in my life are hurting. The kind of hurt that words don't help. The kind that brings real physical pain--that pit in your stomach, those breaths that are stuck, incomplete, in your lungs. I wish there was something I could do, bring, say.

Today, I'd love your help. I want to create a list of thoughts, actions, or practices that can bring some relief from that deep, visceral pain that life brings. What has been a balm for you? We all could use a list of quick go-to steps to refer to in the darkest moments. It can only help to have a list of images that get us through until we have that therapist appointment or until morning comes--our adult version of a blankie to hold during the darkest of nights. These ideas don't fix the problem, but they can soothe us, if only for a little bit.

Here is my short list. Will you share some of your ideas in the comments?

1. Turn off the news. And maybe ignore Facebook.
2. Make something warm to drink.
3. Pet your dog.
4. Go outside and smell the air.
5. This thought: It has been bad before, and it has always gotten better.
6. If you can, take a walk.
7. This poem.
8. A glass of wine (oh, come on. I'm being real here. It can help. The sleep part, especially.)
9. The 23rd Psalm.
10. Think of one thing to look forward to. Even if it's just a latte in the morning or a hot shower.

Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. I think the physicality of your list is right. I would second the hot shower or bath -- there is something very soothing about water (going back to the womb?).

    Certain kinds of music -- for me, black gospel (not so much the contemporary stuff).

    And, yes, if you can, get outside and walk. Absorb nature.



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