Monday, October 14, 2013

Vacation to Bend

Last week we spent a glorious six days in Bend, Oregon, with my parents. We had no agenda--just time for walking, biking, hiking, hot tubbing, eating, and movie watching. Erik and I had a wonderful date night. We pulled Soren out of school to do this getaway, which was worth it (and might be considered therapy, right??). 

The only downside was the near-constant monitoring of Soren on the second-story open catwalk in the house we stayed in. He has a compulsion to climb and hang in precarious places. There was an unfortunate iPad screen incident from this perch.

Soren is in a phase of compulsive hugging and snuggling. It was really amped up with his beloved grandparents. I'm sure some expert would tell us we need to curtail that behavior, since it isn't socially acceptable with strangers. But right now, I'm eating it up. 

Sparks Lake area

Poor Seattle boy, a snow rookie

Well, of course you need to sample it.

En route to Mount Bachelor

 Lots of hiking/walking. 

Soren started out walking...

but really wanted to travel this way.

The colors!

Osprey nest

Some Grandpa time.

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