Friday, February 10, 2012


I've read no fewer than three blog posts this week about self-care when you're parenting a special-needs child. I'm listening, universe.

The idea, of course, is the old Put Your Oxygen Mask On First theory: you have to tend to your own energy needs so you'll have something to give others. And let's face it: sometimes parenting our kids can be energy-sapping, mind-numbing work that leaves us craving escape. A friend of mine has a recurring fantasy of just jumping in the car and driving somewhere, anywhere, as long as she's alone. And I confess there are many days that I am just waiting for the kitchen clock to show 5 pm so I can drink that glass of red wine with less guilt.

I'm trying to make self-care more intentional, rather than reactionary (a few zoned-out minutes on Pinterest, shall we say?). Here's my list of favorite energy-boosters:

  • A night in a hotel, complete with room service and trashy TV (let's start big, I say)
  • Meditation, or even five deep breaths.
  • Doing something crafty, like knitting. Even just planning for future creativity is relaxing for me. An hour in a fabric store? Yes, please.
  • Making a nice cup of coffee and actually sitting down to enjoy it. 
  • A nap. (You've seen the title of this blog, right?)
  • Exercising outside.
What are your favorite ways to decompress? And how do you ensure that you make time for your oxygen time? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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  1. TV from 8-9pm on weeknights. Mad Men or Downton Abbey.
    7:10 to 7:25 am weekdays: I drink coffee and have the house to myself after Julian and Daniel leave.
    Zoning out at staff meetings.
    Massage every week.
    Talking with friends via phone while Julian plays.



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