Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Erik

Erik and I celebrated our 17th anniversary this year. Having a child--a special-needs child in particular--means I've gotten to know him in a whole new way. He truly is the yin to my yang, and together we are balanced. Here are some things he's taught me, in no particular order:
  • Autism makes Soren who he is (still working on this one).
  • Who cares what others think? (also still working on this one) and its corollary, Says who?
  • Films can speak for us when we don't have the words for what we're feeling.
  • The idea of opportunity cost (Econ major, natch).
  • The nonsense of martyrdom.
  • Spouses can and maybe SHOULD parent differently (wrestling, anyone?).
  • It's really not that hard to put one's shoes away. (I think I got it now!)
  • Amazon Prime is the best deal ever if you buy enough crap on Amazon (and boy, we do).
  • The difference between Wednesday night wine and Saturday night wine (tough lesson, that one).
  • Optimism. 
I could not be on this parenting journey without him. He lightens every load and makes everything seem possible. Soren and I are so lucky.

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  1. I've been tough through all the other posts; but this one made me cry. Love you all. Mom



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