Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I've learned since my twenties

1. You are not your job. Even when you work into the night and on evenings. You are more.

2.  You can learn new stuff. Knitting, dragonboating, pilates, half-marathon running. Breastfeeding. Ikea furniture construction.

3. Wine tastes good.

4. You can rely on your parents and family for the hard stuff. You can be vulnerable and flawed, and they will still be your biggest cheerleaders.

5. Marriage doesn't solve everything. Either do the perfect job, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, quitting your job, losing five pounds, and having a clean house.

6. Long car rides are the best therapy.

7. Most arguments, hang-ups, and worries will indeed fade in time.

8. These things are worth it: hiring out housecleaning, prewashed lettuce, any kind of travel, really good olive oil, getting up early (unfortunately), pedicures.

9. A little lipstick improves your day by 25 percent.

10. Life is holy. And hard. And lovely. And sometimes just is.


  1. Great!!! I´m a mother too and your partner in our lovely e-course. For mi is really good found this kind of thing a day like today. Thank you!!

  2. Great list - I think I'm going to have to try #9!

  3. I love every one of these (well, except the getting up early statement in #8) - LOL
    I hope these are printed and posted in a place of prominence for you to reference frequently. They are words to live by. Great job.

  4. I like your list, particularly 3, 8, 9, 10!

  5. I smiled with the familiarity of many on your list. Thank you for putting such a nice bow around it all! Lovely post.

  6. Spot on. Lovely post. I especially love #10.



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