Monday, November 25, 2013

Backyard update

We've finished remodeling our back yard area. We have no grass in the back yard, just pavers and plants (which is a great plan, by the way), but we needed a place for Soren to play. So the remodel made a compact play space for Soren, added a stairway to the top of the garage, and turned the top of the garage into a usable deck.

We really worked on safety for this structure, since Soren is a crazy climber. The roof deck has a locked gate that Soren can't scale, and the wooden slats on the main structure are narrow enough that a toe of a shoe can't fit in. The ground material is tiles made of recycled tires (no wood chips or tire chips, which end up in this guy's mouth).

Right now Soren is ignoring the little fort area, the climbing wall area, and the cargo net (you never know what will be interesting to him). But he's quite delighted with his swing. And I'm looking forward to those cocktails on the deck come, oh, July.
Tummy swinging

Locked gate to the deck area

View of the back of the house and the roof deck

Climbing thingies

So cool


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  1. It looks amazing! He's going to have tons of fun out there for years to come.



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