Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a mellow Thanksgiving weekend at the cabin: lots of knitting (Jenny), books on CD (Erik), and hiding under blankets (Soren). I got off kind of easy by just bringing salad and wine to the meal, which was wonderful (thanks other Jenny!). Soren even tried turkey, and he decided after dinner that indeed he loves apple pie. And I got to meet my beautiful new niece, Julia (but forgot pictures).

Soren's been out of sorts for about two days now, and I'm chalking that up to change in routine, including lots of social time and different expectations for him. He had a crying session for almost an hour today, but a little TV and then swimming with Daddy seemed to make it better. In the back of my mind, I worry that anxiety is rearing its nasty head, but I'm promising myself to see what the coming week of regular routine brings before I allow myself to get carried away with concern. Sometimes you just need a good cry, you know?

I hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful and joyful.
Almost ready (love the view of the mountains out the window)

Readjusting to lots of cousins

Pre-dinner snack

Sweet cousins and my iPad (which Soren SHARED. Without hurting anyone. Progress!)

Chilling in the bunk bed

More decompressing time

 Love. This. View.

Can you spot some of my favorite things?


Back at home, with more decompressing time after a good cry

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