Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things we CAN do

We focus a lot of deficits around here. It's hard not to. We address them in therapy, we talk about them in goal-setting in school, we try to ignore them as others point them out in public. And I occasionally feel sorry for our family because of the activities that we can't do and the abilities we don't have: We can't go easily to Costco or the grocery store, travel on a long airplane ride, play with others in the standard way, have a meal with all of us sitting down, go to a movie, and so on.

But we can do so many things, meaningful things that families get to do. Some of these may seem small, but they are all important because we can do them together. I need to remember these "cans."
  • We can all savor pizza and ice cream entirely too much.
  • We all love a good car ride.
  • We love a good swim.
  • We can all walk to the coffee shop and wait maybe 5 minutes for a very rewarding hot chocolate.
  • Erik and I can make a fancy dinner while Soren is occupied by the iPad.
  • We can all snuggle in bed.
  • We can have friends and family over to our place.
  • We can go on hikes (our boy is a hiker of Boy Scout material!)
  • We can tickle, chase, swing, and run.
  • We can pick and eat strawberries from our backyard patch, and sometimes the picked ones are even ripe.
I got to snuggle my little guy on the couch before school today. That's big. And I'm thankful.

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