Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where we are

It's been quite a September for all of us. I visited Houston to visit my ailing grandfather and extended family; he died less than a week later. And Soren has been experiencing extreme anxiety, we think related to school. We've been visiting even more specialists to find a way to give him some peace. And his anxiety becomes my anxiety, in a very enmeshed way.

Galveston marsh at dusk

I'm pausing today to acknowledge how hard this month has been. So much of my parenting has been powering through the tough stuff, out of necessity. I don't have time or energy to decompress much. There's lots of action to take, which sometimes is a blessing. The tough stuff then catches up; doesn't it always? I feel like I've been hit in the gut, and I'm forced to feel the tough stuff, but a compressed, intense version of it all.

So I'm trying to avoid that explosion right now by just being here, not trying to dismiss the fact that this is hard. And that this will all pass.

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